Continuous Monitoring for Pharma and Biotech

Keep your patients and pharmaceuticals safe with 24/7 monitoring of your critical processes, storage, and freezers – maintaining your reputation, saving you costs, and protecting your product.

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Hanwell Has Been Merged With Ellab - One Partner, Complete Compliance

As a result of the complete merger of Hanwell with Ellab, the Hanwell website will be redirecting key services and offerings to

For our loyal Hanwell Pro customers seeking support, assistance remains accessible via our support email.

For more information about the complete merger, visit here.

Complete Monitoring for Complete Compliance

Fulfill all your chamber and storage monitoring needs for complete data integrity and compliance. A simple setup that ensures the conditions and quality of your:
  • CTU/TCUs
  • Warehouses
  • Stability and environmental chambers
  • Incubators
  • Manufacturing facilities & laboratories
  • And much more…

Typical Monitoring Device Measuring Options



Light & UV

Light & UV







Temperature & Humidity

Temperature & Humidity

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