Environmental Monitoring for Heritage Preservation

Welcome 24/7 heritage monitoring into your preservation strategy as your first line of defence against deterioration. With clear alerts, you can promptly intervene to protect the integrity of your cultural assets, historical relics, and architecture.

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Gwentec Is Now The Master Distributor For Heritage Products In The UK

To provide exceptional support to our customers, we have decided to enter a partnership with Gwentec.

We believe that Gwentec’s expertise aligns perfectly with our Heritage products due to their renowned skill in crafting bespoke control systems. This collaboration demonstrates our shared dedication to delivering top-notch products and services to each one of you.

Gwentec will be your main point of contact for anything related to Heritage products – from technical assistance to any product related queries.

For all Heritage customers in the North who deal with Sustainable Heritage Conservation for your Hanwell products the situation is unchanged, and you should continue to use SHC as your first point of contact.

Environmental Monitoring to Safeguard Heritage for Future Generations

No matter where you need to protect invaluable heritage items, a dependable monitoring system is available for you. Ensure the optimal conditions for preserving your:

  • Rare Document Archives
  • Antique Collections
  • Exhibition Halls
  • Cultural Relics
  • And much more…

Typical Monitoring Device Measuring Options

Light & UV

Light & UV







Temperature & Humidity

Temperature & Humidity



Frequently Asked Questions

Ellab is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality of product and services while staying at the forefront of technological development within Environmental Monitoring. To provide exceptional support to our customers, we have decided to enter a partnership with Gwentec.

Gwentec have been appointed as the master distributor for Hanwell Heritage products due to their strong relationship with Ellab and their exceptional skills at designing, building, installing, and servicing control panels, which is crucial in the heritage industry.

Gwentec’s broad capabilities in creating custom control systems and upgrading aging control systems, as well as over 10 years’ experience of supplying and installing Hanwell Pro make them well-equipped to meet the diverse needs of the heritage industry.

No, your supply of Heritage products will not be affected. Gwentec has access to the full Heritage range and can provide you with all the products you need without any problems. You can rely on Gwentec as your trusted source for Heritage products without any disruption to your supply chain.

You can place your order directly with Gwentec at [email protected]

In the initial transition phase please continue to contact Hanwell Tech Support.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +44 01462 654121
No, please continue to contact your local Ellab representative for assistance.

Hear How We Can Help You

Interested in hearing more about how we can help with your monitoring needs within heritage? Get in touch for a consultation or free demo, contact us at gwentec.co.uk.

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