Wireless Systems

Wireless environmental monitoring systems you can trust

Using radio or GPRS technology designed and built by us, means that these wireless environmental monitoring systems are suitable for use in small to large environments where 24/7 monitoring and real-time data is paramount

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Why wireless?

  • Automatic wireless data transfer
  • Reduces time spent on manual readings
  • Eliminates errors from manual checks
  • Easy access to current and historical records
  • Identifies breach before damage can occur

Why choose us?

With over 25 years of in-house electronic instrumentation expertise, our British designed and manufactured systems provide us with the flexibility to respond to customer needs swiftly and with the level of quality expected from our customers.

hanwell made in britain

Our wireless environmental monitoring systems are built to be flexible to suit various budgets and cater to unique and common applications. Easy to install, reliable and durable, the Hanwell Pro and Hanwell IceSpy monitoring systems provide a long-term solution to immediate alarm notification via email, SMS or phone. Via PC, network or the cloud, you can achieve immediate access to real-time and historical data that is critical to users during spontaneous audits and in meeting the strict legislative requirements imposed on many sectors.

Incorporating over 100 years of expertise in environmental monitoring instrumentation, our wireless systems offer customers a comprehensive and premium solution to monitoring at an affordable price.


Convenient, reliable on-site calibration for minimal disruption or in-house calibration using our calibration lab technicians provide our customers with flexibility in cost and convenience for ongoing maintenance of your investment with a multitude of calibration points and UKAS certification where required.

Read about Traceable vs UKAS Calibrations here.




Always ask for a long-range signal strength test.

We can prove ours to be unrivalled.

Wireless technology you can trust

Data radio communication at low powers within or between buildings is a problematic area, with many pitfalls for the unwary Designer and User.

Our wireless environmental monitoring systems embody 25 years of engineering expertise in this area to ensure best possible performance with a reliability that is guaranteed. This, coupled with an unrivalled ability to plan and commission robust systems, means that you can trust what we say. This is evidenced by many thousands of systems using our technologies in use worldwide today, with many still operating after 20 years.

Unfortunately, wild claims are easy to make but they do not substitute for real expertise. We are more than happy to prove our claims to you at any time before purchase, just please make sure that you ask the same of all potential vendors.


Careful planning and coordination with our customers provide our team of in-house technicians the specific information that assists toward professional and efficient installation of your environmental monitoring systems at your convenience.

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