Hanwell EMS Alarms Smartphone App

Hanwell EMS Alarms Smartphone App

Product code: W900-1

The Hanwell EMS Alarms SMART phone app has been specifically designed for users of Hanwell EMS to access sensor alarm status, active alarms, list of sites, zones and sensor groups 24/7.

Choose from 3 licence options below. See details below for more information.

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Hanwell EMS Alarms smartphone app for ultimate peace of mind

Android and iPhone App

The Hanwell EMS Alarms App is your direct access to Hanwell EMS sites and sensor group data with real-time alarm notification. Immediate alerts, in and out of working hours, for ultimate peace of mind.

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  • Secure log in screen to Hanwell EMS alarms
  • Home screen; pie chart view and active alarms
  • Alarm Screen; status of groups, sensor names, alarm reading. Further data can be accessed upon user interaction, such as alarm value per sensor.
  • Pie chart/RAG views; list of sites, subsites, zones and groups. Further data can be accessed upon user interaction, such as pie charts, number of alarms with date and time stamp.
  • Sensor detail screen; Sensor overview, alarm value, and sensor value.
  • Group/Zone screen; alarm state, sensor name, sensors in alarm state and sensors not in alarm state.

Choose from 3 licence options:

Once a licence option has been purchased there is unlimited user access.

    1. W950-300V – Mobile app for alarm notifications (300 sensors max)
    2. W950-600V – Mobile app for alarm notifications (600 sensors max)
    3. W950-900V – Mobile app for alarm notifications (900 sensors max)

*Prices are per annum and part of a rolling contract.

How to download the app

  1. Choose licence requirements (as above) and checkout
  2. Sign your electronic contract
  3. Make payment through a secure payment gateway
  4. Retrieve email from our Customer Services Dept. with your unique verification code (usually same day, excluding weekends and bank holidays)
  5. Download your app from your app store
  6. Enter your verification code


The Hanwell EMS Alarm app is compatible with Hanwell EMS software only, please visit the Hanwell EMS product page for more information or do not hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to assist in answering any questions.



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