MS1000 Environmental Control Panel

Environmental Control

The MS1000 system is designed to generate either latched voltages or currents corresponding to measured values in remote locations. This function is intended to allow radio sensors to directly replace wired-in sensors in applications such as building environmental control where the 3rd party BMS can directly accept analogue signals. Alternatively, it can supply relay outputs for alarm or control functions. A combination of all output types can be created within a single MS1000 system (see below).
Data is read and transmitted by sensors compatible with the Hanwell Pro radio environmental monitoring system.

There are two card types, analogue and relay:

  • The analogue cards contain four outputs capable of supplying either a voltage between 0…10V at 1mA, or a current between 0…20mA (compliant at 12V). The normal output ranges are 2…10V and 4…20mA. Fault conditions are indicated by a permanent drop to zero and a low battery condition is indicated by a brief drop to zero. The analogue cards are available
  • The relay card contains four outputs capable of switching 0.5A at 12V DC or 24V AC. Normally open or normally
    closed are available as standard.

Features of the MS1000:


  • British Made Technology
  • High-performance technology
  • System transmitters provide low power radio for long distance transmission
  • Analogue and relay cards
  • Analogue cards contain four outputs capable of supplying 0…10V at 1mA or current between 0…20mA
  • Relay card contains four outputs capable of switching 0.5A at 12V DC or 24V AC.
  • Complies with RoHS and WEEE EU directives
  • Carries CE Marking

Benefits of the MS1000:

  • Provides users with total monitoring and control solution to environmental problems
  • 24/7 control of all monitored areas and equipment
  • Easily integrates into a 3rd party BMS system
  • Works with existing Hanwell Pro radio systems as a cost-effective add-on