Increase the longevity of artifacts with temperature and humidity monitoring and control

Wireless temperature and humidity monitor

Increase the longevity of artifacts with temperature and humidity monitoring and control

Hanwell has been working with conservators for over 25 years on many key projects including the UK’s Mary Rose, Magna Carta, and The Louvre. Our experience within this sector means our wireless temperature and humidity monitoring technology is geared to the needs of many conservators throughout the world.

We are proud to be working with a broad range of museums and galleries and we work hard to create best-selling products that aids conservators in preserving the worlds most admired artifacts.

Temperature and relative humidity

Temperature and humidity are interrelated and must be monitored and controlled in conjunction with one another. Paintings, furniture, linens and other items made of organic materials are highly sensitive to unstable or constantly varying temperature and humidity levels. Metallic objects of all types are susceptible to corrosive degradation in the presence of high humidity conditions and this can cause irreparable damage in some instances.

To avoid expensive and complicated restoration, the condition that promotes this type of damage should be minimized.

Environmental Monitoring Equipment

Since our very first Hanwell wireless environmental monitoring system installation at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum our equipment has been the go-to product for temperature and humidity measurement and control.

Data Loggers

With conservators spending their valuable time collecting data from loggers up to 3 times a week, it is sensible that once the total number of loggers exceeds 3, a wireless system should be considered. Hanwell’s wireless system plays a key role in supplying real-time data so that conservators can spend more time analyzing data and optimizing the environments that are so critical to their daily working lives. The transition from data loggers to wireless systems doesn’t have to be instant and shouldn’t be perceived as an expensive solution. With reliable radio technology, it can quickly become a much more cost-effective solution than loggers, especially when you take into consideration the valuable time of a conservator.

Continuous Monitoring Systems

Our wireless telemetry not only logs data but also wirelessly transmits the data to a centralized system providing a flexible solution to monitoring multiple spaces.

Why use Wireless sensors over wired systems?

  1. Ability to move sensors to new locations (unlike hard-wired systems)
  2. No disruption, dust or mess during installation
  3. Low cost of installation, no costly cabling
  4. Simple to expand system unlike a hard-wired system
  5. Uses high performing wireless technology

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