Insect Pest Prevention, Monitoring & Control for the Heritage sector

Insect Pest Prevention

Insect Pest Prevention, Monitoring & Control for the Heritage sector

Insect pest control is something that all conservators will have to deal with on a regular basis. Organic materials like clothing, books, and structural timbers are most at risk of pest infestations and special care should be taken when these items are both displayed and stored.

Whilst it’s important for museum personnel to determine the source of any infestation, effective environmental monitoring and control is also crucial in the fight against insect pests in conservation.

To assist in the prevention of a pest infestation, it’s recommended that temperature is regulated to 68°F -although some pests can survive at lower humidity levels-, direct sunlight is minimized, and that windows and doors are sealed. Warm & damp areas are the ideal breeding ground for most pests, so implementing preventative measures early on is imperative. Good housekeeping and quarantine policies can help to ensure new items introduced into a collection do not spread infestations.

An Environmental Monitoring System from Hanwell, for example, the Hanwell Pro system, can initially help to identify areas within storage spaces that may be ripe for insect pests to contaminate organic materials.

Once an infestation is discovered, it is important that countermeasures are taken quickly to eliminate it and prevent further spreading. Some pest control solutions can involve toxic pesticides that are harmful to the user’s health and can sometimes damage the infected artifact. Other treatments include freezing or heating items; this again can cause significant damage to your artifact. This method is also not suitable for things like canvas paintings, wax objects and stringed instruments.

The Hanwell Anoxibug System is a revolutionary highly cost-effective, atmospheric control method that makes it possible to eliminate pests from materials 100% effectively without the use of harsh chemicals. The simple 5 step system allows conservators to manage their infestations in-house and will ensure your artifacts are pest free without causing irreversible damage.

How it works:

  1. Place the artifact into the relevant container
  2. Insert the relevant amount of oxygen scavengers and optional RH Stabilisers
  3. Insert AnoxiBug Alert device into the allocated window
  4. Seal the bag using the Heat Sealer HZ HotSeal or a domestic iron on its highest setting
  5. After 30 days, either open the bag and discard the dead insect pests or put the artifact straight into storage, still in the bag


To find out more about our Anoxibug Pest Control system, contact our Senior Business Development Manager, Meredith Paetz, today!


  1. Derek Huxley

    We used to sell your IMC Shockloggers before the split from Hanwell, working with Derek Richardson. Am exhibiting at a conservation science meeting IRUG in two weeks at the National Gallery of NSW and am interested in promoting this.

    • Katie Griffin

      Hi Derek,

      Thanks for your comment. I’ll forward your enquiry onto Derek Richardson and he’ll be in touch with you in due course.


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