Revolutionary environmental monitoring solutions for BioTech

Across the human, plant, animal and industrial biosciences Hanwell is focused on providing reliable solutions to measuring and recording temperature, humidity, CO2, Light, UV and much more.

With the introduction of highly reliable British made Hanwell wireless telemetry, Biotech companies can move away from retrospective data loggers monitoring critical areas. The need for real-time alerts and automated reporting is only the start of the benefits of transitioning to Hanwell.

Bold words? We can be bold, because we can, and have, proven our technology works time and time again on small, medium and large sites.

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Meredith Paetz

Vice President, Business Development, USA


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Sentence about ISO therapeutics case study.

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Wireless sytems you can trust

Hanwell EMS

Hanwell EMS software for use with Hanwell pro and Hanwell IceSpy hardware.Multi-site, multi-zone, multi-user access. Audit trails, scheduled reporting tools, 24/7 data and alerts.

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Hanwell EMS - Environmental Monitoring Software

What makes our system different?

– We care about accuracy – use the best in British made technology designed by Hanwell

– Wireless technology that won’t let you down

• We use radio telemetry over WiFi – find out why here

– British designed and maintained software that is simple to use and set accessible from most devices


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