Our commitment is to support curators within galleries for artwork preservation and conservation using market leading environmental monitoring equipment already in use within galleries.

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Meredith Paetz

Vice President, Business Development, USA


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Temperature & Humidity

Works of art including organic materials such as metal, dyes, and textiles 

Humidity can often be controlled by manipulating temperatures within an area in order to minimize damaging effects to artwork within gallery environments.

Our relative humidity range of Hanwell Pro USB and wireless data loggers are well established within galleries. The ML4106 and ML4114 wireless data loggers provide conservators with accurate tools to wirelessly monitor temperature and humidity levels together. This recorded data can be used not only for alarms and historical data analysis but also to control humidifier or dehumidifier units as and when levels drift outside predetermined parameters, providing a complete solution to, temperature and humidity management.


Light & UV

Works of art, photographs, textiles on display, in storage & in transit

Our LUX meters assist with preventing light fade and UV damage to collections within galleries; one of the major causes of deterioration to works of art and photographs after Humidity.

Working alongside your RH/T wireless loggers, the Hanwell Pro range of LUX and UV instruments enable gallery owners to measure the levels of LUX and UV content in a room and enable control mechanisms to be put in place to reduce the level of light that can enter a room, e.g. mechanically controlling blinds.

Our ML4000LUX/UV series USB and wireless data loggers measure the amount of visible light (Lux) the proportion of UV present (µW/lumen) and the UV power (mW/M2).

Insects & Pests

Canvas’, clothing, wood and other organic materials

Items that are stored can often be at risk of irreversible damage mostly caused by insect pests. Carpet Beetle Larvae are equally destructive to textiles, chewing holes that thin and deteriorate canvas’.

Following extensive research and development, our insect pest control system AnoxiBug uses a 100% reliable anoxia treatment for infestations, but also provide the option to store collections within these containers to avoid infestations in the first place and prevent further environmental damage, such as light or UV.

Case Study

Relative Humidity Monitoring at Ulster American Folk Park

Located in wetter parts of Northern Ireland, the challenge was to reduce relative humidity levels to avoid damage to collections.

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