Our range of market leading environmental monitoring solutions assist in maintaining optimal environments within hospital's including equipment and medical supplies in accordance with strict FDA regulations.

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Selsium Ward Monitor

selsium - hospital refrigerator temperature monitoring system

Hospital Ward Temperature Alert System

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Medical Fridges and Freezers | Blood Banks | Transported Medines and Blood | Medical Equipment | Dry Storage Areas


Ambient, blood bank, medicines, fridges, freezers and transportation

Our vast range of hospital temperature monitoring USB and wireless data loggers have been used in hospitals for many years and were specifically designed for monitoring blood banks, medical fridges at 40°F and freezers with temperatures down to 0°F and lower.

Our Selsium system has been specifically designed for hospital wards to provide local buzzer alarms, print out alerts and actions for ward staff to respond to temperature breaches occurring within fridges and chillers. It’s wireless function also reduces time spent taking manual temperature recordings. Click here for more information about Selsium.



Temperature & Humidity

Ambient ward, dry storage and transportation

The Hanwell IceSpy temperature and wireless data loggers can be used for monitoring ambient temperature and humidity within hospital wards and theaters for patient comfort. The same units can also be used to monitor dry storage areas to ensure medicines are kept within the optimal conditions to prevent deterioration and effectiveness of treatments.


Operating theaters and clean rooms

Pressure monitoring is critical where the architectural components have an effect on room pressure differential cascades. A pressure cascade system to monitor many differential pressure levels between rooms is vital to preventing cross contamination.

Our Hanwell IceSpy wireless data logger has been designed to use with existing air handling units in order to measure the differential pressure within operating theaters. An alarm or light indication can be generated before passing between each room if required assisting with maintaining a safe and stable environment.


notion pro multipurpose


Ambient ward & operating theatres

The Hanwell Pro Climabox can be used specifically for monitoring CO2 combined with temperature and humidity for air quality measurements. This is critical for patients’ well-being and rapid recovery by ensuring environments are at low risk of infection as a result of high temperatures and low humidity.

Additionally, vapours generated from building materials and furnishings such as formaldehyde can cause eye irritations, headaches, drowsiness or dizziness and can contribute to a condition known as “Sick Buildings Syndrome” (SBS), which can be easily detected using CO2 and RH/T measurements combined.

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DKSH Warehouse Monitoring System

Hanwell IceSpy temperature monitoring system chosen by DKSH Malaysia above other offerings after a trial evaluation period.

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