Food Temperature Monitoring

Our range of intelligent food temperature monitoring products provides customers with the tools to preserve foodstuffs and stay compliant throughout the cold chain.

Whether your aim is to maintain temperatures in chilled distribution centers, detect possible spoilage during transit or monitor temperatures in retail fridges, Hanwell Inc. will have a solution for you that meets national regulations such as HACCP and FDA.

Food temperature monitoring

Industry Recognised Cold Chain Monitoring

Our first environmental monitoring system within the food industry was in the early 1990’s and today has developed into an enviable reputation within various food sectors, working closely with organizations such as Unilever.

Food temperature monitoring systems including Hanwell Pro and Hanwell IceSpy ranges play an important role, specifically in terms of assisting food analysts that need to comply with key aspects of all food safety regulations and associated general practices. And as practices and regulations change, our industry recognized systems are adapted to remain an essential tool in monitoring environmental conditions of goods in buildings, transit, and remote locations.

Typical Food Measurement Options:

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Cold Chain Distribution

Malaysia-based Cold Chain Network has stepped up its assurance of optimal storage conditions with the installation of wireless temperature monitoring.

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