No one knows our market better than us, which is proved by the breadth of real world instrumentation solutions that are specifically designed and used across multiple industries now and since we began over 25 years ago.

Select your market below for a comprehensive list of environmental monitoring solutions:

Pharmaceutical Environmental Monitoring

Fully validatable and highly accurate wireless pharmaceutical environmental monitoring for critical areas to meet strict national regulations such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulated applications and GDP and GMP quality assurance regulations throughout all Pharmaceutical processes.

Hanwell data loggers, 24/7 wireless validatable systems

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Pharmaceutical environmental monitoringPharmaceutical environmental monitoring

Healthcare Temperature Monitoring

Critical monitoring of blood, medicines and healthcare products with 24/7 real-time data and instantaneous alarms reduces the risk of damage whilst automatically logging data required for FDA regulatory compliance.

Hanwell IceSpy 24/7 wireless monitoring systems, blood temperature indicators

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Healthcare Temperature Monitoringhealthcare-icon Medical temperature monitoring

Food Temperature Monitoring

Flexible food temperature monitoring equipment which adheres to national regulations, (including FDA and HACCP) for hot, cold and dry food environments and equipment right through the food chain from production to delivery, storage and service.

Handheld thermometers, data loggers, 24/7 wireless systems

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food temperature monitoringfood temperature monitoring

Heritage Monitoring and Control

Innovative and discreet environmental monitoring and control solutions for multiple applications within museums, galleries, libraries, archives and private collections across the globe. Using our established Hanwell Pro range of products we accurately measure humidity, light, UV and much more with reliable technology you can trust.

Hanwell  Pro data loggers, 24/7 wireless systems

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Industrial Equipment Monitoring

Durable environmental measurement instrumentation that exceeds GDP and GMP regulatory standards for heavy-duty equipment and machinery in situ and continued protection of critical goods from microchips to transformers during transportation.

24/7 Wireless Monitoring and control

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