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Hanwell Inc. is part of Hanwell Solutions Ltd and specializes in environmental monitoring equipment. Our strength lies in our extensive experience with over 100 years of accumulated knowledge in product design, engineering, manufacturing and global distribution of first-class electrical instrumentation.

Our key brands; Hanwell Pro and Hanwell IceSpy have been FCC approved specifically for the USA and offer an enviable range of environmental monitoring capabilities that surpass the strict regulations enforced upon many industries.

Our business aspirations are to continue to grow and expand using bright, enthusiastic staff members that embrace new ideas and concepts to drive the business forward.  We believe in investing in people, technology and products make sure that we provide the right solution to our customers when they need it.

We are proud to supply quality products from Hanwell Solutions Ltd who operate a strict Quality Management System which fully complies with the requirements of ISO 9001. For more information, click here.

Hanwell is part of Ellab, a global leader in thermal validation solutions for the pharmaceutical, medical and food processing industries.

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Why choose our Environmental Monitoring Solutions?

For our experience

Hanwell products have an enviable reputation in wireless environmental monitoring and control. Our brands cover a wide range of parameters including temperature, humidity, CO2, LUX, airflow. We make it our business to understand our markets and our customers across the globe – from the Heritage sector to Heavy Industry via Food, Hospitals, and Pharmaceuticals.
And our Hanwell Pro and Hanwell IceSpy systems are currently in use in an amazing array of applications from helping to preserve artifacts within museums to monitoring medical supplies throughout the healthcare supply-chain.
Our strength lies in our breadth of experience not only in providing UK manufactured quality products but how they are applied across multiple industries. We use our knowledge of these areas to react to the changes in legislation that can drive the needs of our customers and to respond to the advances in environmental monitoring technology that allow us to offer our customers a better and more effective way to achieve their business goals.

For our approach

Every one of our customers is different and they all require their own individual solution. Our approach is to listen, to ask questions and only then offer advice on the system or product that is right for them. This can take minutes or months depending on the complexity of the situation. We survey your sites, we install your environmental monitoring systems and we offer you post-sales support for our products as and when you need it. We also operate a network of distributors across the globe to help us service those customers who we cannot easily reach.

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For our commitment to the future

We are fortunate in that the products we supply are designed and manufactured in the UK by our parent company and environmental monitoring experts, Hanwell Solutions Ltd. The capability to design and build them provides us with the ability to be flexible and support organizations as requirements change and/or grow.
Hanwell Solutions Ltd invest in the future of our business – the people, the technology, and the products to make sure that we will always be here with the right solution when you need it.

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