AnoxiBug System

Insect Pest Control for Heritage

The AnoxiBug (Previously known as ZerO2) insect pest control solution is a revolutionary atmospheric control method, making it possible to eliminate insect pests from organic materials cost effectively and efficiently.

This innovative solution is the first product of its kind that can eradicate damaging insect pests from organic materials 100% effectively without the need for expensive chemical treatments.

AnoxiBug Benefits:

✔ Cost effective and reliable
✔ Stress-free, easy-to-follow method
✔ Artefacts never leave protection of your own building
✔ A fraction of the cost of other methods



Typical Insect Pests

Case Study

Insect Pest Management Wardown Park Museum

A valuable 18th-century hat discovered during needed to be thoroughly treated for pests before it could join a museum collection.

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