Derek Richardson

derek richardson

Derek Richardson

International Sales Director

Derek Richardson is a world authority on wireless environmental monitoring systems with an extensive background in the industry. His experience with environmental instrumentation has assisted Hanwell in developing a worldwide reputation for leading wireless monitoring and control technology in sectors as diverse as Logistics, Heritage, Hospitals and Heavy Industry, with clients ranging from supermarkets and distributors to The British Royal Palaces and The Vatican.

My name is Derek and I am responsible for our instrumentation sales through our UK and International distribution network, I also look after direct sales outside of the UK.

I have been with Hanwell since the 1990’s and I have worked in the instrumentation sector for 39 years.  I started my working career in 1977 engineering and building handheld temperature monitoring equipment.  That role has taken me into systems for the Nuclear industry, to marine safety systems, engine diagnostics for large marine engines, and then ultimately to environmental control systems and wireless monitoring in historic buildings.

I moved from manufacturing into sales in 1998 and haven’t looked back since.  I travel the world and have made many good friends over the years some of which I have known for more than 20 years. People buy from people, like business, they should be fun.

When I am home I enjoy golf and when the sun shines, riding my Harley.

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