HumBug Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

HumBug Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

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The Hanwell Pro Humbug is a discreet and slim line temperature and humidity data logger for use in small areas or during transport.

Temperature range -34°C to +66°C, Humidity range 0-100 RH non-condensing

Humbug datasheet UK

Slim Line Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

The HumBug temperature and humidity data logger has been designed with size in mind,measuring in at only 105 x 65 x 19mm. this smart logger is ideal for situations where logging may be temporary such as in transit or in situations where a wired or radio system is not the best solution.

Each HumBug logger reads its on-board sensors to provide accurate and reliable information about environmental conditions. The relative humidity (RH) sensor is temperature compensated for more accurate readings at varying temperatures.

The logging interval can be set for any period between 10 seconds and 24 hours, depending on the data requirements. An unlimited delay can be set so that logging only begins when the unit is in situ. the HumBug has a very impressive 100,000 memory, which can either stop logging if it becomes full or wraparound so that the most recent data is not lost. A unit set to log every 10 minutes will take more than 12 months to fill the memory.

These probes can be calibrated by the user or at our in-house calibration laboratory. Calibration software is included with the unit. the logger is set-up and downloaded using an integrated software package, which automatically recognises the type of unit connected to the PC via the USB lead.

Additional software add-ons allow the software to be run with advanced security features if required, (additional software module required for this function).

Product Features

  • British Made design and manufactured
  • Data logger format with up to 100,000 readings
  • Up to 3 year battery lifeThe-IMC-Group-British-Made
  • Accessible battery and USB socket
  • Curved sides attach to wall bracket
  • High performance internal sensors
  • Complies with RoHS, EU and WEEE directives
  • Carries CE Marking


  • Determine possible damage caused by unacceptable conditions when an object is out of sight
  • Assists with national regulatory compliance
  • Achieve discreet monitoring with the small case design
  • Monitor changes in temperature and humidity to determine damage of objects in small spaces or during transit
  • Determine chain of accountability for item handling
  • Provides ongoing record of unacceptable exposure including precise time and date
  • Protects the value of items
  • Encourages adherence to storage and handling parameters
  • Supporting British Engineering and Manufacturing Industries


The HumBug requires USB cable and HanLog software which can be supplied with the unit, if required, please choose HumBug Kit option.

88715 – AAA Alkaline Battery
Y055 – USB cable
Y125 – Wall mount bracket
This product can be calibrated to your specifications, contact us for further details.

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Instrument Specifications

Dimensions: 105 x 65 x 19 mm
Weight: 100 grams (without battery)
Power Supply: 2 x AAA Alkaline battery
Case Material: ABS
Memory capacity: 100,000 readings

Technical Specification

View the datasheets under the downloads tab for specific technical information.

Data Logger Functions

Logging Intervals: Programmable from 10 seconds to 24 hours
Record Capacity: 100,000 records
PC Interface: USB Communications
Battery Life: Up to 3 years

N.B Instrument operating range -34°C to +66°C in a non-condensing RH environment (operating range dependent on sensor).