FW01 FloodWatch

Flood Alarm

Part of the Flood Series, the FW01 GSM FloodWatch Unit is an SMS flood alarm monitor with single flood detection. This reliable transmitter is used with our renowned Hanwell Pro temperature humidity monitoring system for 24/7 data and instant alarm notifications. Contact us today for your free quotation and signal strength test (we can prove ours to be unrivaled) or to discuss your specific temperature monitoring requirements and application.

Instrument Specifications

Dimensions: 200 x 120 x 80 mm
Weight: 950 grams
Power Supply: 5 x 1.5V Alkaline C Cell batteries and/or 12V DC-Connection 2.1mm DC jack
Case Material:
Probe Sensor:
 V015 Flood Cable (Supplied separately, by the meter)

Flood Cable

GSM Functions

Network Compatibility: For use on GSM/GPRS networks at 850MHz to 1900MHz (Quad Band)
Aerial Connection: SMA Socket
Aerial Type: Stubby straight/right angle and remote mount on 2 mtrs cable
Battery Life: Up to 2 years

Contact us today to talk about how our flood alarm can assist with your application.

Manufactured by Hanwell | Ellab

Software Required:
W700 – Standard Hanwell EMS Software Package
W706 – Validated Hanwell EMS Software Package

G204 – 1.5v Alkaline C cell battery
G116 – DC power supply
G117 – UK power cord