ULM Universal Light Meter

UV and LUX Light Meter

The Hanwell Pro Universal UV and LUX Light Meter is a versatile and accurate indicator used to monitor LUX and UV providing instant reading.

Instrument Specifications

Dimensions: 170 x 85 x 35 mm
Weight: 400 grams
Power Supply: Disposable pp3 volt battery
Case Material: Black ABS
Angular Response: Cosine

Technical Specification

LUX Sensor: 
Dimensions: 33mm diameter x 22mm Deep
Type: Photometric diode detector
Visible Wavelength: 400 to 700 nM
Visible Power: 10 to 20000 LUX
Colour Response: Human eye (Error<6%)
LUX Accuracy: 10LUX +/- 1% reading

Humidity Sensors:
Type: Silicon Carbide
UV Proportion: Greater than 10 μW/Lumen
UV Power: 0 to 8000 mW/m2
UV Wavelength: 250 to 400nM
UV Accuracy: 10 mW/m2 +/- 1% reading (calibration spectrum)

Indicator Functions

LCD Display
Battery Life: 24 months

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Light, UV, Temperature and Humidity Meter

The Universal Light Meter (ULM) is a hand-held instrument designed to measure LUX and UV and display the readings in an easily understood format. Temperature and humidity measurement is available as an optional extra.

The ULM has internal auto-scaling across the ranges 10 to 20,000 LUX and 10 to 1,000 μW/Lumen. In the normal mode of operation it displays light levels on its alpha-numeric LCD screen as LUX , μW /Lumen and mW/m2. LUX is detected by a photo-metric diode and UV by a silicon carbide sensor which provides a response over the range 250 to 400nm. The sensors are mounted adjacent to each other, with cosine-correction of both LUX and UV.

Product Features

  • LUX is detected by a photo-metric diode
  • UV dectected by a silicon carbide diode
  • On-screen menu
  • Temperature and humidity measurement is available as an optional extra


  • Assists with damage prevention
  • Ideal for spot checks or cross checking light and UV conditions
  • Provides users with the tools to assist in building maintenance and conservation

88705 – 2 x AA Alkaline batteries