RL4601 Energy Transmitters

Indoor electricity data logger

Part of the Hanwell Pro Utility Range, the RL4601 outdoor electricity data logger is designed for use with specific current clamps to provide energy usage information.

These products are not available to purchase online due to the radio system requirement, please contact us for information and to discuss the product variable options most suitable to your application:

  1. RL4601-05A for use with the J135 Current Clamp
  2. RL4601-50A for use with the J134 current clamp
  3. RL4601-100A for use with the J139 current clamp
  4. RL4601-MRC for use with the J091 current clamp


✓ British designed and manufactured
✓ High performance technology
✓ Logger memory capacity of 33,333 readings per channel
✓ Three channel current clamp inputs
✓ Low power radio for long distance transmission (over 3km over open ground)
✓ Easily accessible battery and USB socket
✓ Supports (optional) hidden wall brackets
✓ Up to 2 years battery life
✓ Complies with RoHS, EU directives and WEEE
✓ Carries CE Marking
✓ Superior performance hardware with high accuracy sensors



  • Analysis of kilowatts/hrs
  • Measurement of cubic meters of gas
  • Control litres of water consumed


For Instrument specification, please click on the Hanwell Pro RL4601 data logger datasheet.


This product is to be used in conjunction with Hanwell EMS software for comprehensive centralised monitoring.

Compatible products:

Software Required:
W900 – EMS Software

88706 – 3.6V AA Lithium Battery
Y055 – USB download cable
Y119 – Wall mount bracket