Pro J140 RH/T Probe & Extension cable

Pro J140 RH/T Probe & Extension cable

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RH/T probe for accurate temperature and humidity measurement. Can be connected to Y421 extension cables if required.

Measurement range – see below specification.

Hanwell Pro Probes Datasheet

Accurate Hanwell Pro Temperature Humidity Sensors

RH/T temperature humidity sensors for highly accurate temperature and humidity measurement. For use with Hanwell Pro RHT transmitters and data loggers. See below for compatible instruments.

Sensor Options

J140 – Standard RHT probe

J140-C – RHT probe with an additional coating which substantially extends the lifetime and the measurement performance of the humidity sensor in corrosive environments

Extension cable options

1-metre – Y421-1

3-metre – Y421-3

5-metre – Y421-5


For probe specification, please click on the Hanwell Pro Sensor datasheet.

J140 RHT Probe Hanwell

All probes can also be calibrated in-house to traceable or UKAS standard, for more information about our calibration services click here. Alternatively, contact us for more information about your application. We will almost certainly have a solution to your temperature monitoring needs.

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