isense GPRS transmitters

Remote monitoring with iSense

The Hanwell Pro iSense transmitters use GPRS technology to transmit data from locations that previously seemed inaccessible to centralised software platform, EMS. Use iSense for remote monitoring in areas such as remote machinery, infrastructure or vehicles in transit and obtain date and time stamped environmental measurements to bridge the gap in environmental monitoring processes.


• Battery, mains or vehicle powered variants
• Date and time stamped monitoring
• Up to five-year battery life (depending on use)
• Transmit rate increase on event
• Remote setup options
• Data stored in non-volatile memory
• All data recovered in the event of temporary GPRS coverage problems
• Works with a range of sensor families

How it works:

isense remote temperature monitoring remote monitoring



View the iSense datasheet for product specifications.

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Find out how Genting Garden used the Hanwell iSense GPRS transmitter for remote temperature monitoring in the trucks and salad production area.

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This product is to be used in conjunction with the Hanwell EMS software for comprehensive centralised monitoring.

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