IS04 BR GSM Transmitter

IS04 BN GSM Transmitter

Part of the iSense range, the IS04 BR is a unit that monitors pressure and is supplied with a 1.6 Bar Absolute Pressure sensor. Ruggedised unit, with chip (encapsulated) SIM.

Sensors are available separately – see below for compatible sensors

Part of the Hanwell iSense range, iSense GSM Transmitters are used for measuring RH/T, Pressure and other parameters indoors and outdoors, utilising highly accurate temperature and humidity sensors.

Hanwell iSense GSM transmitters can, as an option, include an embedded Chip SIM (a removable SIM being provided as standard) and are preconfigured to point at the Hanwell Data Routing Service.


✓Data and time stamped data
✓Superior performance hardware & high accuracy sensors
✓Immediate transmission of alarm events at logging interval
✓Versatile power options as standard, from battery, external and vehicle
✓Remote setup options
✓Data stored in non-volatile memory
✓All data recovered in the event of temporary GSM coverage problems
✓Easy to understand journey profile information
✓Carries CE Marking

Typical Applications:

  • Remote locations
  • Off-site storage
  • Temporary monitoring
  • Delivery vehicles


View the iSense datasheet for product specifications.

Contact us for more information about remote temperature and humidity sensors, or monitoring; or for a demonstration of the system enquire today.


This product is to be used in conjunction with the Hanwell EMS software for comprehensive centralised monitoring.