HPS-01 & HPS-02

The Hanwell Humidistat power supplies are designed very much with safety in mind. Our power supplies use electro-mechanical relays instead of solid state relays, (which generate more heat). Our relays are 2.5 times overrated that switch at 10 amps with the relay rated at 25 amps. As our units are designed not to generate excess heat they do not require ventilation to keep the unit cool. This enables our units to be enclosed, preventing dust and dirt to accumulate around the electronics, again eliminating the potential for a fire hazard.

• Prevent damage caused by incorrect RH
• Prevent mould formation
• Eliminate frost damage
• Control comfort levels for visitors
• Cost-effective solution to humidity control
• Can reduce energy usage

• Does not require existing Hanwell Pro wireless system
• Can be used in conjunction with humidifiers, dehumidifiers and heaters
• Mechanical relay incorporated into all technology for safety
• Protected against dust and dirt ingress
• RH/T humidistat controller is programmable by the user with temperature overrides to prevent room getting too cold or too hot regardless of humidity.
• Two membrane switches for comfort override when in conservation heating mode temperature

Typical Applications

• Heating control
• Conservation humidity control

What can we control?
Using HPS-01 with or without HPS-02 expansion unit in conjunction with a CH1, CH2 or CH3 the following can be controlled:
• Powered-on/sprung off 2 port valve for wet heating system
• 240VAC wax filled valves to replace thermostatic radiator valves
• Heaters (generally oil filled for safety)
• Humidifiers (not all humidifiers are suitable) check with Hanwell for suitability
• De-humidifiers (not all de-humidifiers are suitable) check with Hanwell for suitability


Dimensions: 235 x 72 x 107 mm
Weight: 1083 grams
Case material: Pressed steel, black powder coated
Maximum switching capacity:
2.0kW (10A)
rating 25A
Thermal fuse

Radio Transmitter

Frequency options: A range of frequencies are available between 433-458MHz. Country specific regulations apply
Software required: W900 – Standard EMS Software Package / W906 – Validated EMS Software Package / *See EMS datasheet for further options
Hardware required: HPS Power unit / CR2/ CR3 – Controller / REP – Repeater