Hanwell Pro Repeater

Hanwell Pro Repeater

Product code: REP01P4-434.075

The Hanwell Pro repeaters are designed for use with the Hanwell EMS environmental monitoring system. Complete with UK power supply and wall mounting bracket.

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REP01PU Repeater UK

Hanwell Pro repeaters

Our range of Pro repeaters are typically used in tough areas where obstacles and wall materials create reduced transmission for Hanwell pro transmitters.


✓ Extended range by 3km over open ground
✓ IP30 rated
✓ Can be used in conjunction with internal receivers and external transmitters to make jumps between buildings
✓ Superior performance hardware
✓ Complies with RoHS, EU & WEEE directives
✓ Carries CE Marking

Typical Applications

• Extending range across long distance sites
• Reception/transmission to and from shielded areas


For Instrument specifications, please click on the variant below:

REP01PU datasheet

REP04PU datasheet

REP05PU datasheet


This product is to be used in conjunction with the Hanwell EMS software for comprehensive centralised monitoring.

Contact us to discuss your application. Our long-range wireless telemetry exceeds expectations. Ask for a signal strength test today.

Manufactured by Hanwell | Ellab

Software Required:
W900 – Standard Software Package
W906 – Validated Software Package

Hardware required:

SR2 – Humidity Transmitter Range
CR2 – Light/UV Transmitter Range
RL4000RHT – Humidity Transmitter Range
ML4000LUX/UV – Light/UV Transmitter Range

The repeater is a Hanwell Pro radio telemetry transmitter, designed for use with the Radiolog environmental monitoring system. The units are in IP65- rated cases, suitable for use in tough environments and are powered by an external 12 DC supply. The repeater is used for transparently forwarding radio data between Hanwell Pro’s range of radio sensors and receivers. Applications for the repeater include extending transmitter range, frequency shifting, reception/transmission to and from shielded areas and repeaters with internal receivers and external transmitters can be used to make jumps between buildings.

The repeater can be supplied with either an internal or external receiver and transmitter set at a user requested frequency.

Frequency options:                                    Receiver/transmitter options:
● 434.075MHz fixed frequency                  ● Internal receiver
● 433.920MHz fixed frequency                  ● External receiver
● 457.600MHz fixed frequency                  ● Internal transmitter
● Synth frequencies in 25kHz steps           ● External transmitter

Any combination of these is permissible, giving greater flexibility for different applications.

No more than 4 repeaters should be used within range of each other. More than 4 repeaters can be used in a large system, provided they are not in range of one another.

The repeater has been designed to comply with the RoHS and WEEE EU directives, and carries the CE mark.