CR3 Controller Base Station

Instrument Specifications

Dimensions: 204 x 156 x 68 mm
Weight: 1KG
Power Supply: 12v universal power supply
Case Material: Powder coated extruded aluminum

GSM Functions

Radio Frequency: 434.075 MHz (32 channels available)
Display: 2×16 line alpha-numeric
Environmental Rating: IP54 for internal use only
Alarm Indication: Red LED
Comms Indication: Yellow LED
Status Indication: Green LED
Backup Supply: 7.2 volt rechargeable NiMH pack
Memory Capacity: 49152 standard records

Control Inputs

Radio Sensors: Narrow band FM radio
PC Interface: USB

Control Outputs

MS1000 control RS485
Alarm Relay via jack socket


Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 50mm
Weight: 250g
Case Material: ABS

Signal receiver & processing

All data from the sensors is collected, processed and stored in the CR3, transfer to the computer is automatic when the computer is running. When the computer is off-line the CR3 will back up data internally until the computer comes back on line where the automatic data transfer will recommence. The CR3 is normally located near the computer that is being used to monitor the data. An on-board 16 x 2 alpha-numeric LCD displays the system status. The CR3 also signals alarm conditions via the front panel LED’s (should any sensor measure above or below individual pre-set levels). The CR3 has an on-board relay that can be configured to drive external alarm devices where required.


  • Built in GSM* module for remote communications via the mobile phone network
  • RS485 output* to drive Hanwell Pro MS1000 control cards for building control or data replication
  • Modbus RTU Expansion* for interfacing to third party systems and BMS systems

Typical Applications

  • Warehouse/Storage monitoring
  • Interface to BMS systems
  • Conservation Heating control
  • Monitoring in Buildings/Galleries/Show Cases
  • Remote monitoring where there are no computers or networks *GSM, RS485 and Modbus are factory fitted options

Software Required:
W900 – Standard Hanwell EMS Software Package
W906 – Validated Hanwell EMS Software Package

Hardware required:
REP – Repeater
RL4000RHT – Humidity Transmitter Range
RL4000T – Temperature Transmitter Range
ML4000LUX/UV – Light/UV Transmitter Range