SE-RP002F1 Repeater

Selsium Standard Repeater

The Selsium standard repeater is for use with the Selsium hospital temperature monitoring system and used to extend radio range.

Instrument Specifications

Dimension (Excl. ancillaries): 195 x 148 x 45mm
Weight: 450 grams
Power Supply: 12 VDC via the external universal power supply. Power supply included
Case material: ABS
IP Rating: IP53
Instrument operating range: 0°C to +40°C in a non-condensing RH environment
Storage temperature: -40°C to +85°C
Note: Maximum of 2 repeaters per system


Radio functions

Radio frequency: 433-434 MHz Band
Radio power: 10mW
Radio range: 300m over open ground
Radio protocol: Frequency hopping for greater security
LED indication: Red (RX) / Yellow (TX) / Green (Power)
Software required: W900 – Standard EMS Software Package
Hardware required: SE-NR001F1 – Selsium data collection unit

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