SE-NR001F1 Base Station

Selsium Data Collection Unit

The Selsium base station is for use with the Selsium hospital temperature monitoring system and used to extend radio range.

Instrument Specifications


Dimension (Excl. ancillaries): 195 x 148 x 45mm
Weight: 450 grams
Power Supply: 12VDC via external universal power supply. Power supply included. (Hanwell recommend only Hanwell approved power supplies stock code: G422)
Case material: ABS
Memory Back-up: 3 days up to 10 sensors
IP Rating: IP53
Storage temperature: -40°C to +85°C
Battery type: 7 x 1.5V NiMH Pack

Visual indicators

LED Indication: Red (Alarm) / Yellow (Network Comms) / Green (Power/Radio Comms)
Communication: TCP/IP Via RJ45 connector / Wi-Fi option available
Audio Indicator: Buzzer

Radio functions

Radio frequency: 433-434 MHz
Radio protocol: Frequency hopping for greater security

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