HP01 – Frozen Food Corkscrew Probe

Corkscrew probe for Frozen food thermometer

Use the HM002 or HM007 units with the corkscrew probe for frozen food thermometer measurement.

Probe Specifications

Dimensions: 150mm
Measurement Range: -100°C to +280°C

  • Ideal to measure semi-sold or solid frozen food temperatures
  • Corkscrew design
  • Detachable curly lead

Purchase the HM002 or HM007 units for this probe and benefit from:

  • Quick and easy to use equipment
  • User configurable auto switch off capability
  • Over range / Open circuit sensor indication
  • Low battery indication
  • Self-calibrating technology
  • Reduced risk of potentially exposing contaminated produce to consumers
  • Assistance with HACCP compliance requirements
  • Reduced wastage costs
  • Maintained company reputation