CH2 Humidistat

The humidistats are designed to electronically control humidifiers, dehumidifiers and heaters. Each humidistat has a microprocessor based system with 2 outputs and are used in conjunction with either the HPS-01 or the HPS03 power supplies.

• Prevent damage caused by incorrect RH
• Prevent mould formation
• Eliminate frost damage
• Control comfort levels for visitors
• Cost-effective solution to humidity control
• Can reduce energy usage

• Does not require existing Hanwell Pro wireless system
• Can be used in conjunction with humidifiers, dehumidifiers and heaters
• Mechanical relay incorporated into all technology for safety
• Protected against dust and dirt ingress
• RH/T humidistat controller is programmable by the user with temperature overrides to prevent room getting too cold or too hot regardless of humidity.
• Two membrane switches for comfort override when in conservation heating mode temperature

Typical Applications

• Heating control
• Conservation humidity control

What can we control?
Using HPS-01 with or without HPS-02 expansion unit in conjunction with a CH1, CH2 or CH3 the following can be controlled:
• Powered-on/sprung off 2 port valve for wet heating system
• 240VAC wax filled valves to replace thermostatic radiator valves
• Heaters (generally oil filled for safety)
• Humidifiers (not all humidifiers are suitable) check with Hanwell for suitability
• De-humidifiers (not all de-humidifiers are suitable) check with Hanwell for suitability


Dimensions: 83 x 83 x 36 mm
Weight: 144 grams
Power Supply: Supplied from HPS unit
Materials: ABS
Humidity sensor:
Capacitive polymer
Humidity range:
5 to 100% non-condensing
Humidity accuracy:
+/- 3%
Temperature sensor:
Precision thermistor
Temperature range:
0 to 40°C
Temperature accuracy:
+/- 0.3°C
4 digit 7 segment LCD
1 x humidification, 1 x dehumidification

Hardware required

HPS: Power unit required
CR2/CR3: Controller
REP: Repeater (optional)