RL4810-AF Air Flow Radio Transmitter

RL4810-AF Air Flow Radio Transmitter

Product code: RL4810-434.075-1

The RL4810-AF radio transmitter is designed specifically for air flow measurement, to be used with the high accuracy air flow sensors specified below.

Air Flow ranges 0-5m/s, 0-10m/s, 0-20m/s. (Probes sold separately)

RL4810-AF Datasheet

Air Flow Measurement

The RL4810-AF air flow transmitter is an air flow measurement device which can be used with the below specified high accuracy airflow sensors.


✓ Dual 0-5VDC input for air flow, pump, level and door alerts
✓ 100,000 data readings & up to 18 months battery life
✓ Superior performance hardware & high accuracy sensors
✓ Easily accessible battery
✓ Low power radio for long distance transmission (3km over open ground)
✓ Complies with RoHS, EU & WEEE directives
✓ Carries CE Marking

Typical Air Flow Measurement Applications

• Level measurement
• Door open/close alerts
• Machine on/off alerts


For Instrument specification, please click on the Hanwell Pro RL4810-AF transmitter datasheet.


This product is to be used in conjunction with the Hanwell EMS software for comprehensive centralised monitoring.

Compatible products

Software Required:
W900 – Standard Hanwell EMS Software Package
W906 – Validated Hanwell EMS Software Package
*See EMS datasheet for further options

Hardware Required:
SR2 – Smart Receiver
CR2 – Controller
REP – Repeater

Y119 – Wall mounting bracket
88706 – AA Lithium battery

Contact us for more information about this air flow transmitter or our other air flow measurement devices. Alternatively speak to us about your specific application.

Manufactured by Hanwell | Ellab