RL5021 transmitter

CO2 radio telemetry transmitter

The RL5021 is an external powered CO2 and Thermistor sensor with an internal battery to be used only for setting up and downloading the data from the unit. Contact us today for your free quotation and signal strength test (we can prove ours to be unrivaled) or to discuss your specific requirements and application.

Instrument Specifications

Dimensions: 197 x 106 x 60mm

Weight: 300 grams
Power Supply: External 12V DC

Case material: ASA & PC
Memory capacity: 50,000 readings per channel (unit will wrap when full)
Clock accuracy (logging): 20 ppm @ 25 °C
Instrument operating range: -20°C to +60°C (non-condensing RH environment)
Storage temperature :-40°C to +60°C
IP rating: IP65
Resolution: 0.1°C

Technical Specification

External CO2 sensor

Accuracy @ 25°C and 1013 PA: ±0.1% CO2
Operating Temperature of CO2 Measurement: -40°C to + 60°C (-40 to + 140 Fahrenheit)
Temperature Dependence With Compensation, 0 to 20%CO2 between -40°C to + 60°C : ±0.045% of reading/°C
Recommended Installation: The probe can be installed in an environment with an operating temperature range -40°C to + 60°C (-40 to + 140°F) Make sure the probe is in a location that represents the measurement environment properly.

J094-3-01/J094-5-01 External temperature probe 4-Wire PT100 & 5-pin Lemo plug (3mtr/5mtr)

Probe operating range: -200°C to +110°C (restricted by instrument operating range)
Cable operating range:
-200°C to +110°C (Remote probes only)
Class A = +/-(0.15+0.0020*|t|)°C
Long term drift:
+/- 0.05 °C per year



Radio Transmitter FunctionsSignal-strength-message

Frequency Options: A range of frequencies are available between 433-458MHz. Country specific regulations apply.
Radio Power: 10mW
Radio Range: 3km over open ground
Software required: W900 – Standard EMS software package
W906 – Validated EMS software package
*See EMS datasheet for further options
Hardware required: SR2 – Smart Receiver
REP – Repeater


Y123 – Wall mount bracket

This product can be calibrated to your specifications, contact us for further details.
N.B Instrument operating range -20°C to +60°C in a non-condensing RH environment

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Software Required:
W900 – Standard Hanwell EMS Software Package
W906 – Validated Hanwell EMS Software Package
*See EMS datasheet for further options

Hardware Required:
SR2 – Smart Receiver
CR2 – Controller
REP – Repeater

Y119 – Wall mounting bracket
88706 – AA Lithium battery