RL4509-DU Differential Pressure radio transmitter

Differential Pressure Wireless Logger

The RL4509 (LCD display) rugged differential pressure wireless logger unit is fitted with a high accuracy differential pressure sensor. Contact us today for your free quotation and signal strength test (we can prove ours to be unrivalled) or to discuss your specific temperature monitoring requirements and application.

Radio Transmitter with +/-100Pa Range


✓ Differential pressure measurement
✓ Instantaneous readings taken and displayed with a single button
✓ LCD display showing data readings and a battery life indicator
✓ Superior performance hardware & high accuracy sensors
✓ Easily accessible battery & USB socket
✓ Low power radio for long distance transmission (3km over open
✓ Complies with RoHS, EU & WEEE directives
✓ Carries CE and UKCA Marking

Typical Applications

• Operating Theatres, Clean rooms and Pressure Cascade monitoring


For Instrument specification, please click on the Hanwell Pro RL4509-DU transmitter datasheet.


This product is to be used in conjunction with the Hanwell EMS software for comprehensive centralised monitoring.

Compatible products

Software Required:
W900 – Standard Hanwell EMS Software Package
W906 – Validated Hanwell EMS Software Package
*See EMS datasheet for further options

Hardware Required:
SR2 – Smart Receiver
CR3 – Controller
REP – Repeater

Y550 – Wall mounting bracket
88706 – AA Lithium battery
L071 – Pressure connecting plug

Contact us today for more information about this product or other measurement options. Our comprehensive solutions are ideal for centralised monitoring using unrivalled radio telemetry.

Manufactured by Hanwell | Ellab

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