Wireless long-range radio that remains unrivalled

Wireless Long Range Radio remote temperature validation systems

Wireless long-range radio that remains unrivalled

Over 25 years of unrivaled radio range has enabled Hanwell to offer the most flexible, reliable and accurate wireless environmental monitoring systems on the market.

Vice President for Global Sales, Derek Richardson says: –

derek-richardson-1“I’ve provided signal strength tests across multiple sectors for over 25 years and users are always surprised at how easily the radio signal travels through multiple floors and rooms of varying materials, often without the need for repeaters.

Many of our customers have experienced cheaper alternatives before purchasing our system due to the promise of a comparable system capable of achieving that of Hanwell. It happens all too often and ultimately results in the customer paying twice. Other radio telemetry simply cannot achieve the same data integrity at the same range and a simple signal strength test prior to purchase would often reveal this.

Cost has been an initial concern for some customers, but ultimately you get what you pay for. It is difficult to produce a radio system as reliable as Hanwell with cheaper imported components. It is part of our core belief here at Hanwell to produce only the best performing technology that meets the needs of our customers, and this requires time and quality components.”

Derek has been with Hanwell since the 1990s, when the business first began and has worked in the instrumentation sector for over 40 years.  His working career started in 1977, engineering and building handheld temperature monitoring equipment.  Following this, Derek’s experience took him into systems for the nuclear industry, marine safety, engine diagnostics for large marine engines, and then ultimately to environmental control and wireless monitoring systems in historic buildings.

Derek is a world authority on wireless environmental monitoring systems. His experience with environmental instrumentation has assisted Hanwell in developing a worldwide reputation for leading wireless monitoring and control technology in sectors as diverse as Logistics, Heritage, Hospitals and Heavy Industry, with clients ranging from supermarkets and distributors to The British Royal Palaces and The Vatican!

Derek continues to travel the world developing the business within existing markets and new territories.