What is Environmental Monitoring?

what is environmental monitoring

What is Environmental Monitoring?

The meaning of environmental monitoring is frequently misunderstood, with many people asking ‘What is Environmental Monitoring’. It is defined as “the processes and actions that take place to characterise, monitor and control the quality of an environment”. Environmental monitoring is important for multiple industries and refers to measuring a group of parameters which include:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Light and UV
  • CO₂
  • Differential Pressure
  • Air Flow
  • Pests
  • Wind
  • Many more

The monitoring and measuring of these parameters involve several steps such as;

  • Taking environmental readings
  • Storing data so it is easily accessible
  • Comparing and analysing data
  • Using the data in order to adjust the environment where necessary

Environmental monitoring and control is an example of preventive maintenance, in which an item is monitored to prevent it from becoming damaged by its environment. For example, a museum artefacts and collection are monitored and controlled in order to prevent them from deteriorating.

Why do we need to Monitor?

Unsuitable environments can be damaging to goods such as pharmaceutical drugs in storage, laboratory research or museum artefacts. Unexpected damage can cost thousands of pounds to replace or restore. Monitoring critical parameters for each project or object ensures they are kept in an optimal environment and should a problem arise, immediate notification can assist with swift resolutions, ultimately providing a cost-effective solution to help prevent damage.

What are the benefits of Environmental Monitoring?

There are numerous benefits to monitoring, some of which include:

  • Outlining unstable or unsuitable environments for goods
  • Providing early detection of potential problems
  • Assisting in reducing damage to goods
  • Reducing costs involved caused from environmental damage

Hanwell Solutions (previously The IMC Group) provides a range of environmental monitoring equipment with a vast range of parameter measurements available in one system. If you would like some information on how we can assist contact us today to discuss your application.