Veterinary practices to move away from retrospective temperature data loggers


Veterinary practices to move away from retrospective temperature data loggers

Veterinary practices like Paragon Group have product safety and regulatory compliance high on the agenda, which is why they approached Hanwell.

At Hanwell, our aim is to provide practice managers and directors with peace of mind that the refrigeration systems holding critical medical supplies are safe from temperature damage.

Thermometers and data loggers that are currently in use across the country simply aren’t capable of providing real-time alerts when power cuts or equipment failures occur in and out of working hours.

Not only can a wireless system save stock from being wasted, but the regular manual checks taking place all over the country is eliminated, freeing up staff to concentrate on the critical care of patients.

Which wireless solution?

Independent Practices

Independent Practices typically contain up to 3 refrigerators and would benefit from the Notion Lite Kit. The kit is designed to grow with an organisation obtaining data from up to 30 sensors if required.

Wireless real-time alerts mean that staff are only required when action is to be taken to prevent damage from occurring, saving time and stock. You’ll also build a history of data with audit trails, which are required for compliance requirements.

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For veterinary groups with multiple practices, the Notion Lite kit can either be allocated to each practice, alternatively the Hanwell IceSpy system can be placed within each practice to work in a similar way to the Notion Lite, but each system is networked together. The software allows multiple users to access alarms and real-time data across the whole network. This method enables practice managers and directors to keep a bird’s eye view of multiple critical environments from one location. Additionally, the Hanwell IceSpy sensors extend to other measurement options such as temperature and humidity for dry storage areas.

Our range of temperature monitoring equipment is designed and manufactured within Hertfordshire. Building systems in-house has enabled us to develop flexible systems that suit different budgets and varying organisation requirements.

If you would like to talk to us about your practice and find the best solution for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Paragon Group choose Hanwell

Paragon Vets temperature monitoring for vets vet temperature monitoring

“Product reliability and efficacy is of utmost importance to our patients, their owners and us. As a veterinary business, storage of cold chain product is something we take seriously.”

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