How best to comply with Vet regulations

Vet Regulations

How best to comply with Vet regulations

As part of our vets’ campaign, this week we’re looking at how and why veterinary surgeries should be moving away from retrospective data loggers and log books to wireless temperature monitoring systems in order to comply with vet regulations.

The BSAVA provides strict guidelines under European Law to ‘maintain and improve traceability of, and accountability for veterinary medicines’ with registered Veterinary Practice Premises regularly inspected to assess compliance, how medicines are prescribed and supplied as well as:

  • Storage of veterinary medicines, particularly temperature-sensitive products such as vaccines
  • Storage and recording of Controlled Drugs (CDs)
  • Record keeping

When storing any type of medication, medicines should be protected from environmental conditions that can cause potential damage, for example, light, humidity or temperature. General BSAVA guidelines state that medication which can be stored at ambient temperature should be kept and monitored at a temperature between 8 to 25. Medication which needs to be refrigerated, including vaccines, insulin, etc, should be kept at a temperature between 2 and 8 degrees.

If temperature fluctuations occur, this can have a detrimental effect on the quality and effect of your medicine, leading to costly wastage.

With our Notion Lite, Plug & Play kit, small independent pharmacies can monitor fridges with up to 30 sensors, and receive real-time alerts should temperatures exceed your pre-set limits. Our Notion Lite system also builds a history of data with audit trails, ensuring that you remain compliant with regulatory requirements.

For larger veterinary groups, our Hanwell IceSpy system works in a similar way to the Notion Lite system but has a larger monitoring capability, and each system is networked together. The Hanwell IceSpy system allows multiple users to access alarms and real-time data across the whole network, allowing practice managers to monitor multiple environments from one central location. Hanwell IceSpy also has the capability for monitoring humidity as well as temperature, so is suited for monitoring your dry storage areas.

To find out more about our environmental monitoring solutions or to discuss your application, contact us today!

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“Product reliability and efficacy is of utmost importance to our patients, their owners and us. As a veterinary business, storage of cold chain product is something we take seriously.”

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