Utility Monitoring & Control system

Utility monitoring and control system

Utility Monitoring & Control system

We recently attended an inspirational conference, held by the Museums Association, focussing on sustainability. Firstly, we were very pleased with the ongoing efforts for tackling the practicalities of sustainability amongst other key topics, but secondly how well these ideas and demands are growing.

Tracking your utility consumption will not only help you ensure that any costly products and buildings are kept in suitable conditions, but the system can also help save money on your energy bills.

Improving sustainability in practice.

There are well known and simple steps to improve sustainability, such as using better lighting, improving building insulation and heating buildings less, but we would also recommend implementing at Utility Monitoring and Control system, to get a better idea of your current energy consumption and where savings can potentially be made.

Hanwell has a range of Utility monitoring products, suitable for monitoring energy consumption:

  • Hanwell Pro Energy Monitor & Utility Management System – This system tracks and records utility usage over time, providing statistical analysis of the amount of gas and water consumed. From here, you can identify potential areas of waste and reduce overall energy costs
  • Temperature & Humidity Sensors – Our sensors, such as the ML4106 are designed with onboard sensors, monitoring between -20°C to +60°C and 100% RH. Our transmitters are designed to monitor 24/7 providing immediate alarm notifications should any temperature or humidity breaches occur
  • Flood, Leak & Gutter Sensors – We have a range of products suited for Historical Buildings to detect and alert users whenever damp, leak or gutter issues occur. Find out more about our FloodWatch, DampWatch and GutterWatch products
  • Air Quality – The ClimaBox is designed to monitor CO2, temperature and humidity resulting in a complete air quality monitoring solution. Implementing a product, such as the ClimaBox ensures a comfortable environment for visitors, helps avoid the effects of Sick Building Syndrome and provides optimum CO2, temperature and humidity environments at all times, potentially helping to make significant energy savings

Did you know Hanwell systems can also control as well as monitor?

We have a range of suitable products for control including:

-Humidistats – Our humidistats are designed to electronically control humidifiers, dehumidifiers and heaters, helping to prevent damage caused by incorrect RH

-Control Base – The control base stores all data from your sensors and automatically transfers data to your computer and can help control relative humidity levels automatically

-MS1000 Panel – The MS1000 panel provides complete closed loop monitoring and environmental control to interface directly to a BMS System, ideal for a smaller number of sensor readings

To find out more about our Utility Monitoring & Control range, contact us today.