Types of Environmental Monitoring

different types of environmental monitoring

Types of Environmental Monitoring

The reasons behind most environmental monitoring requirements are either due to regulation or waste reduction and this could translate into millions of pounds worth of priceless and irreplaceable historic artefacts or laboratory research. In this blog, we’ll be looking at the different types of environmental monitoring and the importance of implementing the correct system into your facility.

Environmental monitoring has a critical role in ensuring those assets are kept in optimal condition and this can be achieved in many ways. Some of the different types of environmental monitoring include:

Measurement TypesTypical Applications
Temperature MonitoringFridges, Freezers, Cookers, Chillers, Ambient room, Cryogenic
Humidity MonitoringAmbient Room, Dry Storage
CO2Air Quality, Lab Incubators
Differential PressureAir Flow / Pressure in critically controlled areas such as Operating Theatres
Light / UVLUX and UV levels for Food Storage, Heritage Artefacts and Laboratory Research
Leak and FloodBuilding Maintenance
Gas, Water and ElectricityFacilities Management

It is important to ensure you purchase a system that can adapt as your business requirements change or grow. One system that can provide a futureproof monitoring solution can save you thousands of pounds in the long-term.

Hanwell systems (previously IMC) have been established within multiple markets for providing solutions to multiple applications. Why not contact us today to discuss your application and our industry professionals will happily provide advice on the most suitable and cost-effective solution, a free quotation and completely without obligation.

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