5 top tips you must consider when purchasing a wireless temperature monitoring system

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5 top tips you must consider when purchasing a wireless temperature monitoring system

Top Tips & Key Questions when buying Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems

A wireless monitoring system should be cost-effective (unless you have to buy twice) and as a responsible organisation, you will no doubt ensure you receive multiple quotes from various top leading suppliers.

To guarantee you are purchasing the best temperature monitoring system for you (first time!), the below top tips and questions will assist in some key areas that are often overlooked.


1. Do you own your data? 

Any system that isn’t installed on your own network will likely mean your data is being held and controlled by a third party. It is imperative you know this isn’t going to impact your business if a system falls over or your system provider goes into liquidation. You may need to ask questions relating to the site and data security as well as data ownership.

2. Where is it manufactured? 

If it is manufactured by your local supplier any changes and fixes should be straightforward. However, often goods are shipped in and only assembled locally making the maintenance and reliability of the product tricky to manage and cause potential obsolescence going forward.

3. Request a signal strength test

Any established supplier will ensure they have their sales team equipped for a signal strength test. In order to make sure you aren’t supplied with 100’s of repeaters at a later date that increases your costs and reduce your transmission success rate, you must be sure that the required areas are easy to reach. Remember, there are often hidden obstacles that reflect and absorb radio waves including walls, machinery and other equipment that may not be obvious, even in a small environment.

4. Support 

What sort of post-purchase support is offered? Be sure you aren’t left with a system that doesn’t work as promised.

5. References

Anyone can claim to have an enviable list of customers, but are those companies happy to endorse their products? Always ask for references.


We are happy to provide as much advice on wireless monitoring as required whether you purchase from us or not.