The IMC Group has changed…

The IMC Group

The IMC Group has changed…

The IMC Group has rebranded

We are pleased to announce that we have changed our company name from The IMC Group Limited to Hanwell Solutions Ltd.

Therefore, we would like to welcome you to Hanwell; home to the world’s most reliable, consistent and accurate environmental monitoring systems.

As the leading manufacturers of wireless environmental monitoring solutions, we believe that Hanwell Solutions Ltd consolidates and simplifies our brand, whilst representing both the significant heritage behind the company and its future direction.

Please be aware that although our web address and emails have changed, you can still contact us via the usual telephone number 01462 688070 and postal address. VAT and company registration numbers also remain unchanged.

We thank you for your positive response to this change and look forward to an exciting new chapter together.

Please watch our corporate video for the rebrand below:

Find out more about us here: About us

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