Tempod – The answer to your temperature mapping

Tempod temperature mapping

Tempod – The answer to your temperature mapping

All temperature controlled storage areas require temperature mapping twice a year, once in the summer and again in the winter. The re-mapping procedure has to take place again if a fridge is repaired or replaced, or if racking that holds product is moved, which can add to spiraling costs. Sometimes over £5,000 a year can be spent on temperature mapping. This can be a huge drain on funds.

The solution is the Tempod MP

The Tempod range is the most convenient, cost-effective and efficient series of USB temperature data loggers on the market. Designed to record temperature conditions for temperature sensitive goods in transit, storage and distribution, the USB data loggers assist in optimizing storage and and transit environments.

  • Measurement range from -30°C to+70°C
  • USB connector to enable quick connection to any PC
  • Automatically generated temperature history provided in PDF report format
  • Works with TempCentre desktop software
  • Recipent of logger doesn’t need the software to view the data
  • Assists with HACCP compliance requirements
  • Cost-effective devices that provide clear evidence of unacceptable temperature conditions
  • Assists in reducing cold chain management costs

By investing in your own mapping kit, you can temperature map as many times as you need, at a fraction of the cost.

This product has now been discontinued. Please contact Victoria Corbit on [email protected] for a suitable alternative.