Temperature Monitoring for Cadaver Storage and Morgues

Morgue Cadaver Storage

Temperature Monitoring for Cadaver Storage and Morgues

Cadaver Storage Temperature Monitoring Using Notion Lite

It is vital that mortuary cadaver storage facilities are kept at reliable temperatures, in order to properly maintain and protect the integrity of cadavers. The Human Tissue Authority requires establishments to ensure that they have robust temperature monitoring and alarm arrangements for all storage facilities on their premises. This is for good reason, as insufficient temperature control can result in severe damage. This is irreversible without immediate attention, and can negatively impact the reputation of your facilities as a result.

While data loggers help to monitor your facilities out of hours, the data only shows a retrospective view. This means that the damage has already been done. Notion Lite is an affordable, wireless, 24/7 temperature monitoring system which will send you immediate alarm notifications via email or SMS should a temperature breach occur in your cadaver storage units. This gives you time to respond before damage occurs, even outside of working hours.

Automated data recording saves time and prevents errors caused by manual readings. Notion Lite provides you with comprehensive historical records to help ease the pressure of legally required HTA audits. Access your data anytime, anywhere – from your local PC, company network, or online.


Benefits of using Notion Lite:

  • Affordable solution to 24/7 temperature monitoring
  • No technical expertise required
  • Real-time alarm notification via email or SMS
  • Assists with national regulatory requirements
  • Alleviate audit stress with easy to access historical reports
  • Reduces errors resulting from manual checks
  • Eliminates time spent taking manual readings
  • Our systems are easily expandable and work in a plug-and-play capacity to suit you


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