Temperature control for food manufacturers

Temperature control for food manufacturers

Monitoring temperatures within food manufacturing sites is a crucial and heavily audited step within the cold chain monitoring process. These monitoring tools don’t have to be expensive or even require installation but equally ensure product shelf life whilst also adhereing to strict HACCP compliance requirements. Too good to be true? Not with the Tempod range below:


The Tempod range of USB temperature data loggers is ideal for monitoring food manufacturing sites.


Tempod is a cost-effective method which can be used for recording temperature in walk-in cold rooms, fridges and freezers, as well as measuring the cooling curve of cooked products (Tempod MP-X), this is further aided by the minimum programmable logging interval of 10 seconds.

Tempod can be used very effectively by QA with regards to random checks for maintained acceptable temperature levels for certain products.

Additionally, these units can be used for monitoring temperatures during transportation with automatic and tamperproof PDF data accessible via USB connection to any local PC.

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This product has now been discontinued. Please contact us for a suitable alternative.