Chocolate Transportation and Storage

Chocolate Transportation and Storage

Chocolate transportation and storage solutions

Melt in the mouth, and not before!

The photo above is a sad example of how damp conditions during storage can affect the quality of chocolate. After purchasing this popular brand of chocolate biscuits moments before in a large supermarket chain, the result ended in disappointment for the whole office. However, working in the business of temperature monitoring, it also gave us the perfect opportunity to talk about how temperature and humidity monitoring in transit and storage is integral to product quality.

50% of the world’s chocolate retail sales occur on the European continent and on average valentine’s day accounts for nearly $400m worldwide. Additionally, with chocolates topping the list for most popular gift choice for both men and women, it is imperative that quality is well-maintained throughout its supply-chain.

Chocolate Storage

Our example above shows what can happen when chocolate is stored in damp conditions; the sugar within the chocolate absorbs the moisture and evaporates to leave a dusty layer of crystalised sugar dust that is almost fluffy and can easily be confused with mould. This can almost certainly result in a return, complaint and/or refund that time, but will they buy them again..? Unlikely.


So how can suppliers ensure chocolate is stored in ideal environments? During storage, it’s pretty simple, by monitoring the environment 24/7 to ensure condensation doesn’t occur. There are many systems out there, but not many that can also monitor during transit, like Hanwell IceSpy

Chocolate Transportation

It gets a little trickier during transportation to ensure your produce is kept in the best conditions due to the multi-chain interaction. That said, it is still possible for companies that are serious about product quality to understand how and when the damage occurred during its journey.

There are many temperature solutions available for varying budgets.

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Why can’t I just trust my shipment handlers to keep my goods at the correct conditions?

  1. Where handlers are dealing with many items, goods may have little space to “breathe”
  2. Utilising the space available on shipments is paramount for efficiency. So how can you be sure the containers your goods are kept in are not above deck in direct contact with solar radiation or below deck near engine tanks?
  3. During refrigerated transportation temperatures are sometimes recorded. However, during unloading and handovers in warmer weather, how do you know condensation damage hasn’t occurred?

Simple chocolate transportation and storage monitoring measures can ensure your delicious chocolate gift reaches your customers in the best possible condition.

chocolate transportation infographic

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