A whole new ball game with pitch temperature monitoring

soil temperature measurement

A whole new ball game with pitch temperature monitoring

Did you know maintaining a sports pitch isn’t just about cutting the grass? A lot of time, effort and often money is spent on pitch maintenance (specifically soil temperature measurement) to ensure it’s kept in the best possible conditions for players.

Weather is one of the main factors that can impact a sports pitch and can often result in cancelled games. During warmer weather a pitch will need to be watered so that it doesn’t become too dry and hard. Cold weather can cause it to become icy of freeze and a lot of rain can cause a pitch to become water logged.

FA guidelines state that each clubs board of directors are responsible for all safety matters relating to their club.

Therefore many football clubs use precautions such as pitch covers and under soil heating systems to avoid frozen pitches; however these solutions may not prevent the problem alone.

When using an under soil heating system it is also important to monitor the pitch at the top two levels too, the leaf (grass) and the top soil. A bad frost can affect the leaf and top soil but by measuring these levels, the depth of frost can be determined allowing decisions to be made if the pitch is or will be safe to use by the time of a match. Monitoring the temperature of a pitch assists groundskeepers with pitch watering schedules, for example the top soil could be measuring at +5°C but the leaf temperature could be 0°C which would result in the water freezing!

A monitoring system can take the pressure off and help determine the right time for a building management system and under soil heating system to be switch on to ensure the pitch doesn’t freeze.

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