Shock and GPS monitoring during transit

Shock and GPS monitoring during transit

Pin-point asset damage on the move

The Tracker is designed to monitor critical assets in transit, for example, oil rigs parts such as pipework and drilling equipment. Often these critical assets have very long lead times, sometimes several months so it is crucial to know immediately when and where any serious impacts have occurred on their journey to site.

When an impact occurs during the journey the Tracker provides the user with real-time alerts which allows the user to make an informed decision on whether to bring the item back to base, send an engineer to inspect the level of damage or even to just allow the assets to continue the journey to site without further investigation.

The Tracker is a specialized asset tracking system that is capable of communicating location and historical impact data on a regular time basis, along with immediate shock impact alerts following any user-set parameters being breached during a given journey. The system operates on a least costs basis over GSM and Satellite communication networks, with the ability to automatically switch between the different systems depending upon the level of reception coverage, wherever the unit is in the world.


If you transport critical assets and would like to find out more information on the Tracker regarding a specific application please get in touch.

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