Salmonella for Food Manufacturers


Salmonella for Food Manufacturers

As we all know the effects of Salmonella can be nasty causing illness, hospitalisation and even death. For a manufacturer of foodstuffs, it is a very real and concerning prospect that could lead to millions of pounds in product recalls, compensation and even jail.

Hygiene plays a critical role in cross-contamination prevention, but something that also needs serious consideration is investment into temperature monitoring systems during food manufacturing and distribution.

Good quality, reliable wireless monitoring systems not only meet HACCP regulations, but provide critical information about the cooking and storage temperatures of foodstuffs 24/7.

According to the FSA it is advised that you adopt temperature control and monitoring as ‘Good Practice’ within the following areas:

  • Chiller, Freezer, Cooker Air Temp
  • RH, Airflow and other parameters
  • Temperature of products entering and leaving
  • All relevant items above for transported goods

However, if you are serious about not only complying with FSA and HACCP guidelines, but preventing waste in more ways than one, it can be done using one comprehensive system these days.

Contact us today for more information about temperature monitoring solutions and how you can incorporate all of the above in a cost-effective method that suits your business.