Remote Temperature Monitoring

Remote Temperature Monitoring

Remote Temperature Monitoring

What is remote temperature monitoring?

There is often confusion surrounding the word ‘remote’ when talking about remote temperature monitoring. Before we can tackle the meaning of remote temperature monitoring, we need to understand what you want from the word remote.

Hanwell has been designing and manufacturing wireless temperature monitoring equipment in the UK for 30 years specifically for B2B organisations in sectors including, Healthcare, Food, Pharmaceutical, and Industry. Applications typically need a wireless transmission of data so that wiring disruption is avoided and the expense surrounding it is eliminated.

In most cases for domestic use (B2C), the wireless (specifically wifi) and cloud-based element to this is described as ‘remote’. The wireless temperature monitoring market is becoming crowded with cheap Wi-Fi-based systems, which are mostly fine for use in homes.

Small businesses such as Pubs and restaurants may struggle with this type of product as Wi-Fi technology would struggle with transferring data wirelessly through a fridge door. 30 years of telemetry development has proven that good quality radio is a better method. Read more in our article Wi-Fi vs Radio. Therefore for these small business applications an entry-level wireless system, such as Notion Lite could be ideal, click here for more information.

This understanding and definition of remote temperature monitoring would mean that all Hanwell systems apply, along with most other devices on the market, making it tricky for users to determine what is truly remote.

Hanwell’s definition of remote temperature monitoring:

Monitoring isolated locations which are sometimes miles away from the main base system, or on route to another destination. These applications are often without internet access.

Therefore, if you are interested in learning more about monitoring isolated locations or moving cargo, please do keep reading.

Hanwell monitoring solutions

At Hanwell, it is our business to produce the best possible, British Made wireless technology that is flexible to each organisation’s requirements. This means data access via cloud-based platforms, networks or standalone PCs.

People continue to buy from us because they can trust our products work and we’re pleased to have an array of hardware for wirelessly monitoring isolated locations available for various applications. If we don’t seem to have a solution online, then please do contact us as we will almost certainly have a solution for you.

iSense – GPRS data transfer

Hanwell iSense is capable of recording various measurement options and transfers data using GPRS technology.

Hanwell iSense is used for automatically measuring critical areas 24/7 with real-time alerts of an environmental breach. This can often bridge the gap in cold-supply chains or prevents the need for staff to travel to remote locations for readings saving on time and money, but with the added bonus of real-time data, rather than retrospective results given by data loggers.

The schematic below shows some applications where iSense can be used:

iSense Schematic


Find out how Genting Garden used the Hanwell iSense GPRS transmitter for remote temperature monitoring in the trucks and salad production area. Click here to view case study

CR3 Control – GPRS data transfer

The Hanwell CR3 is used for isolated locations, such as buildings without internet access where more than 20 sensors are required, a system can be set up using the CR3 GPRS module, which is more cost-effective than the use of 20+ iSense transmitters.

For more information on the Hanwell CR3, click here.


There is a lot of information available to you, be clear on what distance you need to monitor and ensure you get demonstrations of kit in use before you buy, or you will end up buying twice. Cheaper is not always the best solution for your application so be careful.

We would be happy to talk to you about your applications and provide demonstrations of our equipment, just contact us for more information.

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