Do you really know what’s happening in your catering fridge?

Do you really know what’s happening in your catering fridge?

Refrigerator temperature monitoring is crucial within the retail food and catering industry in terms of ensuring and preserving high-quality food produce.

Using readily available monitoring software, such as Notion Lite can offer a true insight into how employees use fridges within businesses.

We thought the graph below was particularly interesting:


The increase in the temperature graph (red line) and door sensor (yellow line) indicate that at around 7 pm the door on the fridge being monitored had been left open resulting in the temperature increase within the fridge until the door was closed.

From 8 am the temperature begins to increase again representing a rise in temperature despite the door not being left open. An alarm was sent to the relevant contact and on analysis, the data suggests someone has placed warm food within the fridge to cool (perhaps due to time restraints). Ultimately, the graph highlights that simple human mistakes can potentially cause damage to the rest of the fridge contents that otherwise would never have been noticed and may have even sent owners down a route of fridge maintenance unnecessarily.

The business owner in this instance was able to tighten up on employee processes and save potential costs relating to stock damage of fridge maintenance.

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