10 Reasons on why you should invest in a Refrigerator Temperature Monitoring System

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10 Reasons on why you should invest in a Refrigerator Temperature Monitoring System

Refrigerator Temperature Monitoring – 10 reasons on why you should invest

  1. Your business is audited on its temperature monitoring
  2. You currently monitor using methods that don’t include out-of-hour monitoring
  3. Your current methods of temperature monitoring could be open to human error
  4. Your current methods of temperature monitoring require rigid filing and organisation
  5. Your food or medical waste bill needs reducing
  6. Your energy bills need reducing
  7. Your risk of food or medical contamination needs reducing to low-risk
  8. You need to ensure your equipment is in optimal condition
  9. You need to reduce the time you or your staff spend dealing with manual temperature checks
  10. You have multiple sites that you want full visibility of, for the above reasons


What Temperature Monitoring equipment do I need?

Wireless temperature monitoring systems enable users to not only eliminate any human error from manual checks, but also provide 24/7 temperature alerts should any refrigeration equipment fail.

Market leading temperature systems, such as Hanwell IceSpy, are often used within food and healthcare applications where refrigeration is critical to an organisation.

Systems such as this can also easily be expanded at a later date to measure heated and dry storage facilities as well as door events and refrigerated transportation.


How much is it going to cost me?

Wireless systems on the market vary and you can get equipment that promises everything and more, but it’s important to check demonstration sites, reviews and signal strength tests before purchasing anything.

System prices vary due to your monitoring requirements but a simple and established system such as Notion Lite, comes in at just £565.

Always do your research to avoid making an expensive mistake. The cliché to avoid is- you buy cheap you buy twice.

If you’d like to discuss the best application for your needs, contact us today!